5 Best Apps for Studying

  • 16-03-2021 |
  • Courtney Millhouse

If you’re going to go to college, you’re going to need to study. Some of the best apps for studying are:

1. Revisionist

This is a great app for studying. It’s an app that lets you read books on your phone. You can also highlight passages and add notes. It’s the perfect tool for reading your textbooks and adding in your own notes.

2. Camscanner+ 

This app is a great tool for taking notes in class. It lets you take pictures of your notes and make them digital. You can then organize and edit your notes to make studying much easier. The feature that sets this app apart is the document scanner. You can scan documents into PDFs using your phone. It’s a great way to keep track of everything you need for class.

3. Spark Notes

Spark Notes has everything you need to study for the big test. It has study guides, outlines, and quizzes for the most popular books and novels. It’s a great app for keeping track of your progress and highlighting the most important parts of your textbook.

4. Syllabus 

This is a great app for keeping track of your syllabus. The app lets you add all of your class information. It also lets you add notes for each class. You can sync it with your Google Calendar and get reminders about homework assignments and tests.

5. Notability 

Notability is a great app for taking notes in class. It has a wide variety of features to make taking notes a breeze. You can add audio notes, zoom in on specific parts of your notes, and even add pictures. You can also make freehand drawings in your notes. It’s a great way to keep your notes organized and easy to find.

Another Way to Study

woman studying

I hope this article was able to help you in some way. I know it takes a lot of hard work to study. I also know that staying motivated can be tough. You should use these apps as a resource to help you stay motivated and keep up with your study.
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